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 Working with the Tarot cards is a wonderful, mystical experience. The Tarot uses the symbolism of the four elements, which is a very ancient method of providing insight and self-understanding for those searching for spiritual guidance. The Tarot, as a divination tool, incorporates teachings on a deep psychological level with wisdom and ritual, similar to the I Ching, numerology, rune casting and astrology.

 Ancient sages felt that humanity’s thirst for knowledge and wisdom was inherent in the human psyche. The desire to understand life experiences and connect to our Higher Selves has been an ongoing process for thousands of years.

 Inherent in the Tarot is symbolization of the four suits (swords, staffs, cups and pentacles) as well as the four elements of nature (air, water, fire and earth) and of course, our human levels of consciousness:  mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. Hence, our playing cards today have their origin from the ancient, mystical Tarot.

 Tera has her own unique method of reading for clients with a lightheartedness that is charming and entertaining. She has studied with the well-known author of, “Tarot: A Universal Language,” Beatrex Quntanna.  Beatrex’s book is the most popular for positive growth and positive interpretations.

 For Readings with Tera

Contact: 760-808-0617

Cost: $90.00 for one hour

To purchase Beatrex’s book, Tarot: A Universal Language, www.beatrex.com

Beatrex Quntanna


Tarot: A Universal Language
by Beatrex Quntanna

This book is easy to use and understand, it includes an interpretation of all 78 Tarot cards in full color with tab sections for all the Major and Minor Arcana, the symbology of each Major card plus innovative and informative readings. Enthusiastic readers call it "brilliantly engineered,"  "amazingly accurate" and a refreshing, uncluttered approach to learning the Tarot, with "upbeat, positive definition that reflect Beatrex's fresh approach to life and living".

Tarot Book Price: $29.95 plus shipping $5.00


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